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Comments From Our Customers
"Because of the salt and severe usage, we expect a truck in our fleet of 45 dump trucks to last 20 years. We chose EZ Grip because of its stainless steel construction and its performance under the harshest conditions. We wanted a product that would last, too."

"Instead of ripping flaps, EZ Grip releases them and the flaps are reusable. I have a large seasonal crew that hauls gravel. With EZ Grip, operators can put the flaps back on out in the field."

John Prijic, Superintendent of Streets
City of Kenosha, Wisconsin

"We had a chronic problem of torn mud flaps. Once the EZ Grip Mud Flap Hanger was installed, we don't see the truck anymore!"  

Mauro Lenci, Superintendent of Fleet Maintenance
City of Kenosha, Wisconsin

"It is the simplest, most maintenance-free method of dealing with replacing mud flaps. The EZ Grip Mud Flap Hanger does exactly what the company says it does. There are other "tricks" for dealing with flaps out there, but EZ Grip is the best. It has totally eliminated our in-shop costs of replacing flaps. In addition, EZ Grip eliminates any risk of getting a motor vehicle citation. I have already special-ordered EZ Grip to be installed on my new equipment."  

Michael (Mick) Torak, Owner
N.A.T. Transportation, Inc.
Bradnor, Ohio.

"By reusing rather than replacing mud flaps that occasionally detach, I save money! I am convinced that the up-front expense will more than pay for itself over the years. The reattachment itself is a snap. On the standard trailer, it just takes a couple of seconds."  

Dave Trutalli, Trucker of 30+ years
Owner of David Trutalli Gravel
Ferndale, California

"It REALLY works! I have had flaps pulled off several times and just reinstalled them right there. I was back on the road in no time."  

Randy Tuttle, Owner
Tuttle Trucking
Winner, South Dakota

"EZ Grip worked so well that I bought sets for ALL my trailers and pups!"  

Ken Fulkenhagen, Owner/Operator
Fulkenhagen Feed and Trucking
Agar, South Dakota

"I’d be glad to give a testimonial. I have been using the EZ Grip on my flatbed for over a year now. In that time I haven’t had to replace a mud flap due to torn flaps. I’d recommend the EZ Grip to anyone who repeatedly backs over curbs or other obstacles (rock piles, loading docks, etc.)."

"The savings in time and frustration are worth the cost, not to mention the ability to avoid fines from the DOT by being able to replace mud flaps on the spot."


Mark Nelson, Owner
Mark J Nelson Trucking
Philip, South Dakota


"Modern Trucking Techniques: Accessorize, Accessorize" By Paul Abelson, Technical Editor

“My last recommendation is a quick convenience item, especially if you tear up mud flaps or frequently need to change them. EZ Grip, Inc. makes patented mud flap hangers that let you change flaps in a snap - literally. They let you reuse standard size flaps, especially hard-to-replace customized ones.”

“(EZ Grip and) these accessories should prove worthwhile add-ons for your trailer, providing added function as well as good looks. And, unless you're on the show truck circuit and competing for the Truck Lite Trophy, it's the function that helps your bottom line."


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