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EZ to Install

  • Anyone can replace your mud flaps. With the help of our exclusive lever, mud flaps easily snap in and out of the EZ Grip hanger.

  • Fits standard tractor or trailer mounting holes. No need to modify your vehicles.

EZ to Maintain

  • Works great with any trailer type: grain, livestock, flatbed, vans and even dump trucks.

  • Any type mud flaps will work with our hangers. Reuse your custom-printed flaps.

  • For added convenience, you can weld pegs on the side of your trailers and hang the flaps on the pegs while unloading. When you're ready to go, simply reinstall the flaps on the EZ Grip hangers.

EZ on the Pocket

  • EZ Grip hangers are designed to hold standard 24-inch mud flaps; and, 3/8-inch rubber mud flaps are all you need.

  • Sold in sets of two hangers with our exclusive lever. Tractor model includes mounting assembly.

  • Equipped with 3M retro-reflective tape to comply with National Highway Traffic Safety requirements.


SD Trucker Invents Revolutionary Product

Bill Adrian

WHITE RIVER, S.D. - As he scraped his knuckles on the snow- and ice-covered bolts trying to replace a torn mud flap on his trailer, he thought to himself, there had to be a better way. So he put his thoughts into action and the prototype for The Original EZ Grip™ Mud Flap Hanger hit the highways in 1996. Since then, the patented hanger has proven its convenience and reliability through extensive over-the-road testing with severe usage and seasonal conditions.

Road Tested & Guaranteed

  • Our hangers have proven themselves to be reliable under severe usage and seasonal conditions.
  • Made in the USAEZ Grip is proudly manufactured in the USA and comes with a money-back guarantee against defective material and workmanship. The hanger and all parts are American made.


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